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Trenton Jones (writer/producer)
Myles Hawthorne (producer)
Sabrina Sutherland (Producer (known for Twin Peaks/David Lynch projects)
Brad Oberhofer (music)
Molly Hamilton (music)
Seattle Film Institute
Joel McHale
Dave Grohl
SubPop Records
The Gorge at George


With three scenes written for Tacoma locations, it would be neat to find a way to involve
Tacoma School of the Arts
University of Washington Tacoma 
in the production.

Possible educational opportunities:

1. set visits (Bob's Java Jive, Frisko Freeze)(these are night scenes)
2. possible scout/location visits

3. sit in on production/concept meetings
4. panels or class visits from department heads/willing crew
5. script discussion explaining what production and story considerations went into scenes

6. participating students could have a call sheet with their names on it

I am unsure of the legality of all this, as well as the insurance aspects, but perhaps with the participation of the Tacoma Public School system it can happen.

Should we go the Amazon Route...

GOOD PRESS:It would be in Amazon's interest to invest and support a film that takes place in, celebrates, and utilizes crew from Washington State, its home and base of operations.Roachella includes many Tacoma School of the Arts alumni in key creative positions (including some currently working or having previously worked at Amazon) as well as crew from prestige WA based projects to bring attention (Twin Peaks crew and possible camp involvement)Production is being designed to be a fun process, including CONCERTS for crew as booked bands film their scenes.
ECONOMICS:- Amazon orders would be incentivized in terms of accounting. Dollars spent would be going back to Washington and Amazon, specifically.Should Roachella be successful, it could be a model for more films shot in Washington State, creating a new pipeline for mid-range projects to be created and developed locally in Washington State.
INVESTING IN EDUCATION:- Amazon Studios investing in Education is good press and fosters future business.- Tacoma School of the Arts (SOTA) has an assembly every Friday, held at the local theater. This is a possible venue, in addition to the classrooms and auditoriums at UWT (with which it shares campus space)


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